WILD NIGHTS has a WILD new look.

Tadaaaaa! My Wild Nights series has a wild new look.

Fresh faces.

Fresh colour palette.

Fresh branding.

It’s a little bit Magic Mike XXL, right?

So why have I changed the covers again? Well … two reasons, really. One: because like any product, you need to freshen and modernise the packaging to attract a new audience, and, two: because Wild Nights has always been a difficult series to brand correctly. It’s not solely RomCom nor Erotic Romance, instead a mish/mash of both, which is why I’ve had to change the look. Test it. Repeat. Until I finally came up with something that worked in both genres.

And here it is. I hope you like it.

All three books are now exclusive to Amazon.com and available for free in their Kindle Unlimited program.

Happy reading ?