TEMPTATION HAS HAD A MAKEOVER AND IS NOW .99c on Amazon (2 days only)

I have some very exciting news to share with you all, the thing is my news is not quite ready. My news needs basting for just a teeny tiny bit longer before it is good enough to serve to you.
In the meantime—while it sits perfecting for its’ imminent delivery—I can share that a new version of Temptation has just gone LIVE on Amazon and Smashwords. This new version is fatter, juicer, and contains a never been seen before prologue. In fact, this version is nearly 15k words longer.
So, why have I done this you may ask? Well, that’s part of my basting news which is not quite ready, but also because I wanted Temptation to read more like the other three books in the series. You see, my writing progressed quite a bit from when I first wrote Temptation until the moment I wrote THE END in Attainment.  And I felt that Temptation needed a little more depth and flow, which now it does…IMO. ☺

But before you all curse me, saying ‘Well, how do I get my new version?’ and ‘Do I have to buy it again?’, rest assured and know that you don’t. To read the new version (with prologue), you DO NOT need to purchase Temptation again. Just re-download it from the store you bought it from. However, for those with Kindles, you will have to wait until Amazon email you with the update notification. Also, the new version has not yet been submitted to iBooks, Kobo and B & N.  It is currently pending review with Smashwords before they distribute it to those stores on my behalf. I will post a notification when that has happened. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

So, if you chose to read the new version, I hope you like it. I hope you like it better than the first. As for my exciting news that is still basting nicely? Watch This Space!


Apart from my personal Pinterest page, I now have another page set up under my author name.

This page is where you will find all things book related—mainly mine…because…well…it is my page 😛

You will also find pin-boards of books I love and recommend together with pin-boards of ongoing research for upcoming projects.

So, for all you pinners out there, come follow my boards. ♥


The object of  having a holiday is to unwind, relax, and take in the sights, yeah? Well, I can honestly say that hubby and I have  just come back from one hell of a holiday then.

This year, Andrew and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We chose to do something a little different—and childless mind you—and embarked on a cruise to the South Pacific, namely New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

Before setting sail, the idea of our pending South Pacific adventure had me feeling a little on edge. Not because I have a fear of water, or don’t like the idea of travelling to a foreign country, but more so because I suffer pretty awful sea sickness. So, regardless of being medicated to the hilt, I was still resigned to the fact that I would be spending half our holiday vomiting.

Well, I showed sea sickness who was boss, didn’t I? Because not once did I feel the least bit nauseated. It was great!  And I can honestly say that I am now one huge fan of cruisin’ the seas. So much so that we are setting sail again next year. Although next time, we will take the kids.

The idea of having two childless-weeks would sound heavenly to most parents. And don’t get me wrong, it was. But for us, two weeks was far too long to be away from our two noisy ratbags—we missed them terribly.

Those tiny little things we as parents take for granted were the things that we missed the most. Like, tucking them in at night. Hearing their laughter. Answering their inquisitive and innocent questions. And most of all, the warmth and love from having them in your arms.

In the meantime while we were regretting leaving them both for so long, they were living it up with their grandparents. Tractor rides, late nights, ice cream more than once a day. Yes! More. Than. Once. A. Day. The ship we were on offered ice cream 24/7, and even I didn’t eat it more than once a day. Go figure.

Speaking of food on the ship, OH MY GOD! It was in abundance, never ending, and it tasted SO good. At more than one point did Andrew and I look at each other and say, “Really, is it time to eat again? I’m sure we just ate lunch, AND breakfast.”

Besides missing our children, having the constant feeling our stomachs were on the brink of explosion, and trepidation over ‘to vomit or not to vomit’, our holiday was absolutely fabulous. I even got to cross off an entry on my bucket list: CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE. <—See, it’s crossed off. YAY!

See below for our happy snaps.













*Happy Dancing*

Why, you ask? Because Attainment has been submitted to Amazon. It normally takes within a 12 hour period to appear in their stores. So keep a look out. ☺

I’m also currently in the process of submitting it to Smashwords who are normally quite quick, so again, keep a look out.

As for Barnes & Noble and Kobo, it should appear in their stores within the week. iBooks…well…they are a whole other story and will more than likely take up to 2 months. But don’t despair, Smashwords offer an iBooks, Nook, and Kobo format. So you don’t have to wait.

I’m very excited (and just quietly, shitting myself) in relation to how Attainment will be received. I never had any intention to write another book for my Brylexis, only ever having the objective to post bonus chapters on my website. But after getting such wonderful feedback and numerous requests to write more, I decided to give you this Novella from Bryce’s point of view. I hope you like it. I’ve had A LOT of fun writing it.

Now, seeing that I wrote Attainment in just over 60 days, I have decided to take a month off from writing. I NEED A BREAK! I will, however, continue to write Attraction after I am well rested, sun-tanned, chocolate-indulged, and wine-infused. After all, I will need to be all those things—Carly is somewhat of a handful 😉

Oh, and just quickly, thank you all in advance for purchasing Attainment when it is Live. And, if it’s not to much to ask, please leave a review…pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top.



Yes…you heard me…a blog. My first blog. A healthy baby blog. I’m so proud and excited to introduce you to my blog. Isn’t he beautiful? (My blog is a boy because let’s face it, Blog isn’t really a girly name. Unless I call it Bloggette, or Bloggina.)

Okay, moving along. Blog was conceived so that I can communicate with you and you back with me—that is Blog’s purpose. What a special blog, I know he will make me proud.

Blog’s first task is to introduce you to my website. And what a fantastic website it is. I love it! Firstly, I need to thank my cousin Wade Angelo at Pauze – Design and Multimedia for designing this wonderful site. Because of his impeccable cyber skills, I am now able to keep you up to date with all things The Temptation Series; Upcoming Projects, and what I’m doing and where I’m heading. You will also be able to leave comments and send me emails. Pretty cool, huh?

So, don’t be shy…have a look around…drop me a line…ask me a question. My fingers are very vocal and will try to respond as quickly as possible.