As part of a recent Temptation blog tour for Harlequin, I was asked to answer some interview question. I thought I’d share another with you.



Multitasking… I swear it forms part of a woman’s genetic makeup. If you are blessed with ladybits then you can guarantee you are also blessed with the natural ability to perform and conduct multiple duties and tasks simultaneously.

We have a superhero power that allows us to wash the family’s clothing, cook the dinner, mentally plan the following night’s dinner, sort out a phone bill discrepancy in a language that is not our native tongue, help our eight year-old with his incomprehensible homework, praise our four year-old on her ability to pirouette without injury, all in unison and with a faux smile on our face. It’s call being woman.

So when I’m asked ‘How do you find the time to write?’ I simply say, because I have breasts. It’s that simple.

Once the children are tucked nicely into their beds and are peacefully dreaming of Barbie’s Malibu mansion and whether Batman could kick Superman’s butt, I switch from mummy-mode to romance author-mode and delve into my creative fictional world. I require peace and quiet to write. And I mean ABSOLUTE quiet, to the point where I have removed the batteries from the ticking clock that sits on my wall and that once taunted me. I even have a pair of industrial ear muffs on hand for emergencies. So when all members of my household are fast asleep and cannot interrupt me, I write. I write until my eyes blur and I can write no longer.