Unspoken Words

Our bond was unbreakable; our love was ever after.


I fell in love with Connor Bourke when I was twelve years old.

We shared everything together:

our first kiss,

first love,

first mistake,

and first regret.

I gave him my heart, but he broke it. Now he’s back—music’s hottest new thing—and he wants me by his side.


Eloise Mitchell was a blazing fire when my world turned dark. She’d shined so bright and burned so fierce that the wall I’d built around myself simply melted to the ground at her feet.

She showed me that music was my gift, and to use it to speak.

She was my voice,

my one true love,

my everything.

Ellie’s heart belonged to me.

And even though I broke it, I’m sure as hell gonna fix it.

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