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Tadaaaaa! I’m so thrilled to share the cover of my next book, Unspoken Words, due to be released worldwide on November 11.


This is a story of unspoken words and how loud they
can be.

Connor Bourke and I met when we were twelve years old. He was a quiet boy with so much to say and only one way to say it—through song. He’d lost his best friend to cancer, so I showed him there was love and life in loss, and to hold on to his memories, always.

Eloise Mitchell was a
blazing fire when my world turned dark. She’d shined so bright and burned so
fierce that the wall I’d built around myself simply melted to the ground at her

We shared everything together:

Our first kiss,

first love,

first mistake,

and first regret.

She taught me to

to forgive,

and to never forget.

Through his music, he could say all he
needed to say except for, ‘I love you’.

I could never tell
her those three words.

Yet, I knew he meant them, that he
loved me beyond all measure, beyond time

… beyond a broken heart.

I loved her more than

Our bond was unbreakable.

Our love was ever

But, then, we tend to destroy the ones
we love the most.

And all bonds break, especially when the heart is what holds them together.