Hmm… *steeples fingers*

Today I have been deliberating — on and off— whether or not to call someone out.  And just so you know, my decision not to do so in the end is not a reflection of the size of my ladyballs, but more so the limelight my calling out will give this moron. And let’s face it, said moron (IMO) deserves no limelight whatsoever. Not to mention that I’m normally one to just let sleeping dogs lie… and snore… and be ignorantly unaware of the dribble spilling from their mouth. <– Pun intended.

So instead, I’m going to have a rant. And this rant is in no way a reflection of receiving a bad review and then subsequently stomping my feet as a result. Bad reviews happen. All the time. And they are certainly not a new occurrence where I am concerned. They don’t hurt or discourage me in anyway shape or form. In fact, some bad reviews actually help bring to light things you may have overlooked during your creative process. Those bad reviews (IMO) are good reviews. Which is why I fully understand and grasp that they are part and parcel of publicising your work — a necessary evil of sorts.

So no, this rant is not me trying to stick it to a reviewer for her dislike of my novel. It’s more to do with how a negative review should be executed, and how a reviewer should show respect and decorum in their delivery.

I strongly believe that as individuals we are entitled to our own opinion — it’s one of the limited things in life we have complete control over. However, when you hold a position where your opinion is considered somewhat professional, you owe all involved a delivery of decency and not one which serves to discourage others from forming their own perspective. For if you do that, then you destroy the objective  of an opinion.

But as I said, I believe we are all entitled to our own views, especially where books are concerned. Why? Because it’s our prerogative, and because reading is subjective; what one person hates another may very well adore. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Let me just reiterate that the majority of reviewers I have come across adhere to the ‘proper’ principles of reviewing. They are honest, passionate, and project their opinions in an untroll-like manner. These particular reviewers are respected, and rightly so.

BUT… you do come across one every once in a while who likes to blow smoke up their own arse just for the shits and giggles of a pat on the back and a ‘you go girl’ response. Again, if that is the reason why they review, then more fool them. Seriously, get a life. One’s head can only expand so far before it explodes. BOOM!

It is one thing to dislike a book and then write up a melodramatic review that is all but missing a neon sign saying ‘Hey, I’m a troll hear me roar’, yet it is another to then bag the shit out of the book in the comments of the ‘professional’ (and I now use that term loosely where this particular reviewer is concerned) review you have written for a respected blog on social media.

All authors — whether traditionally published, indie, hybrid, NYT Best sellers, or newbies just testing the waters — have poured their hearts and souls into their writing. So whether you like their literary blood, sweat and tears or not, at least have the decency to project your opinion in a manner that is not only considered respectable but that serves the purpose of it being solely your humbled opinion. Surely that task is not too difficult.