I was recently asked to write up a few guest posts as part of Temptation’s Harlequin blog tour. So I thought I would share them with  you here.


The most difficult part of writing Temptation:

There can be many difficult things to overcome when writing a novel. It could be writer’s block, interruptions, distractions or just life in general. And I can honestly say that all these facets did play a small part when writing Temptation. But for me, one of the most difficult parts was achieving balance. Perhaps that is because I am Libran and go a little cuckoo when equilibrium is absent. Honestly, all you need do is ask my husband about my OCD for balance as no picture frame on our wall is askew. ☺

When writing Temptation, it was important for me to strike a balance between fictional fantasy and real life connections and associations. At the time, I had read many books where the balance of these elements favoured one side more than the other, which was fine, because I enjoyed those books immensely nonetheless. However, the intent for my Temptation Series was to have both elements of reality and fantasy present but in equal parts. I wanted you to feel as though you, too, could be Alexis or easily step into her shoes, but at the same time be transported to a fantasy world full of extravagance and what ifs.

Another part I found difficult during the writing process of this book was the element of infidelity. The last thing I wanted was to convey the glorification of such an act. In saying that though, infidelity is a part of real life and, unfortunately, it does occur. At the end of the day, I may be a rainbow loving, fluffy, happily ever after romance author, but I do not ignore the many evils we encounter on a daily basis. All these elements are present in my stories, perfectly balanced that is… or at least I hope they are, as that was my intent 😉