It has been brought to my attention in recent times that the re-release of the Temptation Series here in Aussieland is somewhat confusing.
I can see why… sorry :/ It is for this reason that this blog post has been written. Hopefully, it will clarify things and answer some of the questions you may have.

Before I answer the questions I have received of late, I think it’s important to understand the publishing structure behind the series. So let me explain…
The Temptation Series is both self-published and traditionally published. Harlequin Books Australia acquired the rights to the series here in AU/NZ. I, on the other hand, still own the rights for the rest of the world.
As it stands right now, Harlequin are re-releasing the series to the Australian and New Zealand market. Fulfilment and Attainment will be released on September 1st and, when that happens, the entire world will be on par with what books are available.

So that’s pretty much the publishing structure. Harlequin handle AU/NZ, I handle the rest of the world. A little confusing? Yes… but not really, LOL.

I know the above explanation doesn’t answer all questions, so here are some of the more common ones I’ve recently received:

Q: Are the original versions and the new Aussie ones the same?
A: For the most part, yes. The Australian covers are obviously different from the originals, and the spelling of Fulfilment/Fulfillment differs due to American versus Australian English. However, apart from those two things, the only other difference is that Fulfilment and Attainment have been combined into the one book here in AU/NZ (aka Book 3 in The Temptation Series). This includes both paperback and digital formats.
The reason we decided to do it this way is because novellas aren’t as popular here in AUS and Attainment — being a novella — is a vital companion to the Brylexis story, therefore we didn’t want it being bypassed.
Attainment is not a repetition, nor is it a full continuation. Instead, my intention with Bryce’s novella was to fill in the gaps I purposely left in Fulfilment. My original plan was to post bonus chapters in Bryce’s POV to fill in these gaps. BUT… there are a wonderful bunch of Temptation Series fans out there that begged for a Bryce novella and, because of this, Attainment was born.

Q: Why the different price points?
A: I don’t have control over AU/NZ pricing. I do, however, have control internationally and try to keep them somewhat similar. They will fluctuate just slightly from time to time due to sales and promotions.

Q: Why can’t I pre-order Attraction outside of AU/NZ?
A: I am in the process of rectifying this and will have more information soon. Attraction will be released worldwide on November 1st.

Q: Can Attraction be read as a standalone?
A: Yes. Do I recommend you do this? Yes and no. If you plan to read books 1, 2, 3 and 3.5, I suggest you read them before picking up Attraction. If you don’t want to commit to a series, then yes, read it as a standalone. Carly and Derek’s story is very different to that of Bryce and Alexis and I hope it will be enjoyed either way.

Q: Is the Temptation Series going to be available in Audio format?
A: YES! I have just recently signed a contract with Tantor Media. At present, I don’t have release dates for the audio format. Watch this space though, as I will keep you all updated as soon as anything progresses.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, or queries I have not answered in this blog post, please use the contact form on the website. Alternatively, you can send me a tweet or PM via Facebook and I will endeavour to answer it as soon as possible.