Yesterday, in my Facey fan group, I promised I would deliver some news. It’s big news, exciting news, good news … and just a little bit bad news. Oh, and just so you know, I’m delivering said news behind the safety of clear Perspex in the hope to avoid the splatter of tomatoes you may throw at me. 😉

Okay so here goes …

I’ve contracted Discovering Stella to Harlequin Books Australia! YAY! That means it, too, will sit on store shelves here in AU/NZ next to its book cousins: Temptation, Satisfaction, Fulfilment & Attainment, and Attraction. It also means that I will control the international rights to the book, as I do with the Temptation Series.

My main desire for Discovering Stella was for it to be available to as many Aussies as possible, being that it is an Australian story set in rural Victoria. In order to achieve this, the book needs to be on store shelves. I also adore working with my publisher and am absolutely thrilled they wanted to take on Stella and deliver her to you.

So what effect does this have on the release date? Well … a big one … a six month one, in fact. *closes one eye and prepares for tomato attack*  Yes, Discovering Stella will now be released in September 2015.

BUT WAIT! Wait! Whoa! Hang on to those tomatoes. To make it up to you, I’m now going to remove myself from civilisation and endeavour to get Revue written and ready in time for a May release. And I’m going to do what I hate doing, and subsequently advise other authors against, and that’s lock in a release date before I have finished writing it. I’m doing this so that you don’t lose faith in me and say “Yeah yeah, she says May. It will end up being June and so on. Yadda yadda yadda. Blah blah blaabity BLAAH.” I don’t want you to say that, sooooo lock in May 29th (AU) for the release date of Revue. And just in case you missed it, here’s the long and short synopsis. AND to sweeten my offer of compromise even more, Shannon Robinson will grace the cover. *gives you a wink wink, nudge nudge*

REVUE – Coming May 29, 2015

He was on a collision course.

… I had paved my way

He answered to no one.

… I respected authority

He wanted me.

… I despised him

He didn’t take no for an answer.

… NO!


“I don’t want nor deserve your debris.

It was you who crashed, not me.”


When freelance photographer, Corinne Lee, is required to visually document the nationwide tour of Wild Nights Male Revue, she finds herself in a world of near-naked, testosterone-fuelled men on stage—not her photographic muse of choice. She is also finds herself in the arms of Josh, the revue’s star performer.

Josh Adams thrives on the limelight, the stage and, most of all, the attention of women who endlessly throw themselves at him. He dances sex, speaks sex, breathes sex … is sex! Josh lives for sex, but never with the same woman.

When both opinionated and headstrong characters are closely thrust together in a lust-ridden and sexually-charged environment, which of the two will break first? Will Josh realise that Corinne could be the exception to his ‘no strings’ rule? Or will Corinne let go of the fantasy of finding Mr One and Only?

Okey dokey, that’s it! I must now disappear in a puff of smoke to work my literary magic and produce Revue in time for May 29. Oh, and keep an eye on my Facey profile and page for the cover reveal and Goodreads and Pre-order links, which will be available shortly.



*poof* Gone!