Bryce Edward Clark is from the Temptation Series. He’s thirty-five years of age, owns a chain of hotels worldwide, is rich, gorgeous, funny, single, and a genuinely nice guy looking for his one true love—Alexis Summers. He’s also a man who always gets what he wants.

If you like a headstrong, all-round nice guy who can fuck like a God, then you can read all about Bryce in Temptation | Satisfaction | Fulfilment & Attainment. He also makes appearances in Attraction and Commitment.


Derek Ian King (DIK) is from Attraction, which is a standalone novel featuring characters from the Temptation Series. He also makes an appearance in Fulfilment & Attainment and Connection. Derek is thirty-six years of age, and a drop-dead-gorgeous fire fighter. He’s also a blue-eyed, dirty-talking, cocky-as-hell singer with the best pick-up lines.

If you like a hot, tattooed, real life hero, then DIK is your man, and you can read all about him in Attraction.


Lawson Drake is from Discovering Stella. He’s a twenty-nine year-old mechanic who owns an auto service and smash repairs shop. Lawson was taught to respect others and be a gentleman. When he realises Stella needs saving, he does everything in his power to rescue her and make her his.

If you like a man’s man with a heart of gold and a body to die for, then you can read all about Lawson in Discovering Stella


Elliot Parker is from Plight. He’s a thirty-year-old lawyer who holds his childhood sweetheart to her engagement promise they made when they were kids. He’s smart, funny, relentless, and quirky, and he knows the most random animal mating facts.

If you like a man who’s loyal to a T and as as stubborn as they come, then you can read all about Elliot in Plight


Connor Bourke is from Unspoken Words. He’s a musician with a strong soul and a damaged past.

If you like a man who rights his wrongs and will stop at nothing to give the woman of his dreams everything she’s ever wanted, then you can read all about Connor in Unspoken Words.


Josh Adams is from Revue. He’s Australia’s hottest male revue performer and thrives on the limelight, the stage, and the attention of women who endlessly throw themselves at him. He dances sex, speaks sex, breathes sex … is sex. He can also eat an apple like no other.

If you like a dirty talking bad boy that you’ll love to hate and hate to love, then you can read all about Josh in Revue. He also makes appearances in Reveal and Resist.


Brad Rowlands is from Reveal. He’s one of Australia’s hottest male revue performers and one of the funniest, sweetest guys you’ll ever come across. But don’t let his sweet side fool, because when he’s in the bedroom, he’s as raw and dirty as they come.

If you like a man who knows how to mix sweet with filthy, then read all about Brad in Reveal. He also makes appearances in Revue and Resist.


Lucas Malone is from Resist. He’s the youngest member of Australia’s hottest male revue, and some has some big shoes to fill. But Lucas doesn’t care about the limelight, he only has eyes for the revue’s owner, Helena, who’s twenty-one years his senior.

If you like a man who doesn’t care about age and sees beauty on the inside and out, then read all about Lucas in Resist. He also makes appearances in Revue and Reveal.