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If you’re on facebook and are not in my facebook fan/reader group (KM Golland’s Fabulous Fans/Reader Group), please join us and become a member. This secret little group is where I tend to hang out on social media the most. I often hold giveaways and conduct live video chats about all things book related, shoe related, Aussies related, and just pretty much anything and everything related. And in the coming month, I have some fun Temptation series plans on the horizon to help cure my post-surgery boredom but, more importantly, in preparation for the department store paperback re-release in January when they all get brand spankin’ new Aussie coversĀ 

Hmm … I’m thinking free ebooks to those who haven’t met Bryce and Lexi, a group buddy-read, oh and an exclusive Commitment (Temptation #5) ARC Club that will help me prepare for *cough* world domination *cough* when I unleash Tash and Dean to you all. Trust me, I’m gonna need it. Those two are a handful, and I adore them for it. xo
But yeah … please join join join!