*Happy Dancing*

Why, you ask? Because Attainment has been submitted to Amazon. It normally takes within a 12 hour period to appear in their stores. So keep a look out. ☺

I’m also currently in the process of submitting it to Smashwords who are normally quite quick, so again, keep a look out.

As for Barnes & Noble and Kobo, it should appear in their stores within the week. iBooks…well…they are a whole other story and will more than likely take up to 2 months. But don’t despair, Smashwords offer an iBooks, Nook, and Kobo format. So you don’t have to wait.

I’m very excited (and just quietly, shitting myself) in relation to how Attainment will be received. I never had any intention to write another book for my Brylexis, only ever having the objective to post bonus chapters on my website. But after getting such wonderful feedback and numerous requests to write more, I decided to give you this Novella from Bryce’s point of view. I hope you like it. I’ve had A LOT of fun writing it.

Now, seeing that I wrote Attainment in just over 60 days, I have decided to take a month off from writing. I NEED A BREAK! I will, however, continue to write Attraction after I am well rested, sun-tanned, chocolate-indulged, and wine-infused. After all, I will need to be all those things—Carly is somewhat of a handful 😉

Oh, and just quickly, thank you all in advance for purchasing Attainment when it is Live. And, if it’s not to much to ask, please leave a review…pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top.